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YITH WordPress Test Environment V1.2.2

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YITH WordPress Test Environment V1.2.2

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YITH WordPress Test Environment Premium

Do you enhance yet sell plugins and issues because of WordPress?

If the reply is yes, since you have to have noticed or necessary that is in conformity with pass thine clients attempt to them outdoors online yet so it generates deep problems because ye after solve.

I understand thou are questioning to that amount a video tutorial would restore this, but thou would possibly not stay considering the large downside over no longer life able in conformity with pass clients take a look at thy merchandise and consult every regarding the selections you production grants.

Do thou understand as customers need before purchasing? They want to stand able according to try the merchandise because themselves! They want after test the administration panel, recommend the impact nee via every single alternative between the frontend area, it necessity after parley postulate the manufacture capabilities execute fulfill their desires among order in conformity with feel sure when they purchase.
That’s such as those want!


We raised the excellent WordPress plugin in imitation of create sandbox environments yet on line test environments because of WordPress issues or plugins, consequently so much you be able provide you customers the jeopardy according to attempt outdoors a stay demo along exclusive access.

Your customers choice keep able in conformity with take a look at every over the functions provided by thine product among a easy then speedy way, yet that intention do hence using a dedicated get admission to as choice grant them unique admin rights.

This pleasure allow ye in conformity with be brought cleanse concerning these annoying refund requests fit in accordance with initial misunderstandings respecting or you manufacture works.

Our YITH WordPress Test Environment automatically generates a cloned occasion about you stay demo, according to operate and such use you customer’s IP in imitation of immediately petition because of such and grant them access.
This clone, afterwards a attached amount concerning time, who ye pleasure lie capable to figure out yourself, wish stay mechanically deleted leaving in the back of no fixity whatsoever, not also beside the documents uploaded on thy server by way of customers.

And such as if a couple of customers strive according to use you on-line demo?

Imagine grudging 25 in conformity with forty humans simultaneously attempting in imitation of take a look at your online demo.
They would every attempt in imitation of shop their personal settings besides success, they would maintain overwriting themselves ensuing in an unsatisfactory or frustrating patron experience.

Clearly, thou would shut a stay demo as as appropriate away, right?
From this second advanced thou perform enable thy clients to admire your subject matters or plugins the beneficial viable way.


  • Create an computerized sandbox in conformity with test the WordPress plugins and/or themes
  • Set the most variety about sandboxes to that amount execute lie enabled at the same time
  • Clone the add folder because of each recent sandbox
  • The sandbox and every the related facts are removed when the period monitoring expires
  • A countdown after impart the person in regard to the sandbox expiration
  • Redirect consumer to an external web page thru the precise button into the top test website page
  • Possibility after extrude every the active sandboxes


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