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YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications Premium V1.4.7

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YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications Premium V1.4.7

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Have thou early and late felt as thou are share regarding a household whilst buying online?

Imagine proviso afterward purchasing you favored product, thou would obtain a customized text message correct away along with personal gratefulness then the statistics that you purchase has been successful, you be aware of where would happen?

A cautious touch choice noticeably increase customers’ have faith closer to the organisation they bear selected in accordance with buy from! And the advise end result concerning this is so she pleasure experience pampered then cared for.

All thanksgiving in conformity with a simple textual content message.


Companies as send text messages to their customers consonant their purchases yet in conformity with announce to them in relation to any viable difficulty are oft identified so truthful ones.
Think as regards it: thy bank sends ye a textual content advice notifications when ye function a bank transaction, widespread apparel stores send their customers textual content messages as well, where in regard to you?

Thanks in conformity with our YITH WooCommerce SMS Notification, you can start sending custom text messages according to thine customers right away, intimation them of someone alternate into the status concerning the rule that placed.

In method to deliver it textual content messages, several exceptional gateways are used, certain as like Twilio or Clockworks then postulate you wish, ye pleasure stand capable in accordance with acquire to them as much well.

In case thou necessity in conformity with remain notified by means of SMS because each processed buy yet somebody discipline gone wrong between you store, thou pleasure remain able to operate this of a not many clicks then thou pleasure hold your whole sales underneath control.


  • Automatic SMS sending when the discipline repute changes
  • 20 SMS features available:
    • Agile Telecom
    • Bulk SMS
    • ClickSend SMS
    • Clockwork
    • Crystalwebtechs
    • Green Text
    • Jazz (Mobilink)
    • MessageBird
    • Msg91
    • Nexmo SMS New
    • SMS Broadcast New
    • Sms Country
    • SmsCyber
    • SMS Gateway Hub New
    • SMS Office
    • ThaiBulkSMS New
    • Trend Mens
    • Twilio
    • UAEDes
  • Show spurious honor and wide variety regarding the sender
  • Enable the situation for entire the users and only because of these any pray such for the duration of the checkout
  • SMS notification sending do remain enabled/disabled for anybody single kilter status
  • Every SMS execute remain despatched simultaneously after the person then after the keep administrator
  • 2 systems (Google or Bitly) in conformity with enter short-links within the story body
  • Extend the spread concerning a individual SMS text (default is 160) New
  • Customization concerning the content material because of somebody kind about available SMS
  • Use one of a kind characters within your texts gratefulness in conformity with the extra charsets managementNew
  • Test tidings sending in accordance with verify the perfect functioning of the work chosen
  • Create and send a recent information beside the kilter detail page
  • 100% well suited with YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status: SMS notifications do stand additionally enabled because of the fame on custom orders.


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