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YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce Premium V1.2.0

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YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce Premium V1.2.0

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YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce Premium

Alex is construction purchases of thine e-commerce. He positioned ternary products into his cart and, whilst surfing, she finds an object so that considers Felicitous namely a birthday existing because his deviser whoever lives between any other country.
Satisfied, he adds this in accordance with the cart as much well, whilst questioning of his father’s enjoyment when he would abruptly acquire the gift.

But now he’s respecting in accordance with give up payment, she realizes as she can’t perform certain kilter or pick out pair specific shipping addresses. He’s forced according to receive away his father’s present beyond his cart then layout after make a current method later. As quickly as like she has 5 minutes, she thinks, maybe later, maybe the subsequent day.

Maybe never, namely is oft the case. Because of the intervening time he wish find a comparable production regarding another e-commerce, and maybe that pleasure find it at a higher value among some other store, who knows.

Whatever the reason, in fact, a production removed beside the rule is a lost sale so much pleasure infrequently remain recovered.
Now think about up to expectation Alex selected in imitation of recover his products or buy only the gift because of his father. In it case, the monetary break would not remain about a product however three. And imagine up to expectation it state of affairs into you e-commerce happens several times on a week or a month. How many income are ye already dropping barring even knowing it?


YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses because WooCommerce is a solution so allows you client after select the delivery concerning individual merchandise in conformity with absolutely one-of-a-kind addresses including considerable simplicity then speed.

An especially versatile plugin that will allow you customers in imitation of redact multiple purchases for friends, colleagues, and household contributors within just some order. Consider where that tool wish do because thy commercial enterprise subsequent Christmas, now Alex chooses in conformity with purchase his presents for his contriver yet all of his buddies away over thine website


  • Allow multi-shipping for each order
  • Allow users after boss shipping addresses beyond Checkout yet My Account pages
  • Split the content concerning a production brought in accordance with cart in different delivery addresses
  • Exclude secure products or categories out of multi-shipping
  • Enable/disable multi-shipping because product variations
  • Manage every delivery repute inside the order
  • Eend a notification e mail in conformity with customers so a transport repute adjustments


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