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WhatsApp Chat for WordPress and WooCommerce 1.1.1

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WhatsApp Chat for WordPress and WooCommerce 1.1.1

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TW WhatsApp Chat Rotator plugin will help you in displaying WhatsApp chat buttons in WordPress and WooCommerce easily. One of the main features of this WhatsApp chat plugin is it can rotate (randomize) your chat agents evenly, you can also assign each agent view percentage. So let say you have 2 agents A and B on the same departments and you want to display only one agent at a time but agent A should be displayed more than agent B, will this plugin can help choose which agent should be displayed based on the view percentage set on each agent. WordPress WhatsApp Chat Rotator Features Create floating chat widget Display all agents or choose one randomly. You can even set view percentage per agent and the plugin will share (rotate) the agent impression according to the settings You can also use our chat links, you can place the link on any landing page you like. Internet marketer would really love this feature! WooCommerce support: display chat button in shop page and in product pages Set working time schedule for each agent The plugin also comes with a shortcode that will help you display the WhatsApp chat Unlimited agents and chats Advanced detailed report for views and click that comes built-in with lots of filters Agent’s performance reports sent to admin email daily, you can set what time the report should be send Customize chat permalink structure Detailed logs Easy to customize from the settings page Facebook Pixel support

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