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AI Engine Pro 1.3.89 – ChatGPT Chatbot, GPT Content Generator, Custom Playground & Features

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AI Engine Pro 1.3.89 – ChatGPT Chatbot, GPT Content Generator, Custom Playground & Features

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AI Engine Pro – GPT AI for WordPress. ChatGPT-style chatbot, image/content generator, finetune and train models, etc. Customizable and sleek UI. Extensible features. Your AI Engine for WP!


Chatbot (GPT-like)
Add a chatbot to your website. Images bot included, shortcode builder, many, many parameters and possibilities.

Content & Images Generator
Generate fresh and engaging content for your site, as well as images.

AI Playground
Variety of tools like translation, correction, discussions, etc.

Templates System
Create your own templates for the Playground, Content or Image Generator. That will make your work even easier!

Train your AI
Nice UI to edit your datasets, train your AI models, and manage your fine-tuned models.

Casually Fined-Tuned
To ease AI training and integrating fine-tuned models, AI Engine created the concept of “Casually Fined-Tuned” which is an option/feature you can use in different parts of the plugin, and will do everything for you.

Quick Suggestions
In one-click, you can get recommendations and apply them (titles, excerpts, etc).

Internal API
Everyone can use AI Engine API! Gather the risks and the statistics in one place.

AI Forms
Create dynamic forms that will generate answers.

Create manually or dynamically an index (= database) of knowledge. The AI will use this to build its answers.

The chatbot will be aware of the content of the current page, and be able to discuss/analyze it.

Statistics & Limits
Keep track of every AI requests, helpers to get statistics, and allows you to set limits and conditions to the AI usage.

Much more to come…
Lot of features are in a development!


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